My Love-Hate Relationship with My Laptop

I love you darling :3

Illustration only

I own a laptop, but it’s not extravagant as the title of this blog might imply. However, if you assume that I dislike her, that’s incorrect. 

This particular laptop is an MSI GF63 Thin model, equipped with an i5 of 11th Gen. processor and GTX1650 MaxQ graphics card. These specifications are decent for multimedia tasks and casual gaming. 

My parents aided me in the purchase of this laptop before I enrolled at university. I used her in my final practical exam to graduate from my vocational education. 

Whenever I use her, I experience all kinds of inconveniences.

The Weight of it All

She’s nearly 2kg. Why is it so heavy? Modern laptops weigh less than that. I think it’s only 1.3kg, or less with a thin design.

My current one is already bulky and thick. I need to wear a backpack just to carry her. My back felt so much more at peace when I took off my rucksack with her in it. 

Please don’t judge me, I’m small in real life.

The Never-ending Need of Power

Even laptops with healthy batteries must always be charged. Someone even said:

“Niel, your laptop has a leaking battery?” 

I replied with a laugh. 

“Is there an electric socket?”

I pray for a good answer, otherwise, don’t expect to be able to switch on that laptop. 

The website says it lasts 7 hours. Nice marketing.

The Constant Dependence of External SSD

The initial storage amount is 512 GB, partitioned into C and D drives during manufacturing and subsequently employed by Windows. A residual 180s GB remains available for use, but it is advisable not to commit to any specific use case without careful consideration.   

My personal choice for storage is the Crucial X8, boasting a 1 TB capacity, ample enough to be shared with friends.

Also, no matter how sweet their promises, I do not trust cloud storage providers with important data. 

Consider having two cables already attached. Adding one more with a mouse makes it a total of three.

The Battle with Dirt and Grime

Dirt easily adheres to the dark colour and smooth plastic texture. Whether it is the dirt from my hands or the dust from the ceiling, it is going to stick to her. 

Clean her once, gets dirty twice. That’s how she goes.

Noisy Companion

The temperature rises rapidly while the fan spins at high speed, leaving one feeling utmost uncomfortable. 

It is quite awkward to be observed by fellow students who use exclusively MacBooks.

Despite it All, the Love Persist

I cherish her undaunted aid, despite the potential hazards she faces for me. These pale in comparison to her invaluable support. 

Power surges? Unsecured wiring? Disturbing noise? Disheveled appearance?  

In less than 4 months, she assisted me in processing videos containing over a hundred gigabytes of files, several meters of banner designs, production designs, hundreds of report pages, and even accompanied me to 3 practical exams. 

Would her physical condition prevent me from including her on my team? Not for a single moment, no.

I will retain her until I obtain my initial degree.

Live a long life, my dear ❤️

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  1. Very interesting take on your computer. Not sure why you refer to it in the feminine sense but it’s your machine. LOL I’m glad it has served you so well. I’m afraid I’m one of those MacBook users but in truth, I have no real love for the MacBook or the Surface I have as well. To me they are just devices with no masculine or feminine qualities… just electronic devices. Best wishes to you on obtaining your degrees.

    1. Regarding masculine/feminine traits, it’s actually just a writing style, at first I thought it was a bit strange but still, there really is a writing style like that 😬.

      I didn’t really mean to offend MacBook users, I’m really sorry if that part is bothering some of the community. 😔

      *Thank you so much for your wishes.


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